fragment design × RAMIDUS “RANSEL”

fragment designとRAMIDUSとのコラボレーションで製作したランドセル、RANSELを発売します。


「自慢できる格好良さ」をコンセプトに、こだわりを追求したRANSELは、2020年10月3日(土)より特設販売サイトにて受注販売を開始します。9月5日(土)〜9月13日(日) RAMIDUS OSAKA STORE , 9月16日(水)〜10月2日(金) RAMIDUS TOKYO STOREにて展示受注会を開催致します。実際に商品をご覧いただける機会をご用意しましたので、お近くにお越しの際は是非ご覧ください。

fragment design × RAMIDUS "RANSEL"


RAMIDUS will release a school bag in collaboration with fragment design.

The "RANSEL” is new collaboration between RAMIDUS and Hiroshi Fujiwara's Fragment Design, which suggested the "COOL LOOKS" which, besides, there was not. The design is based on the classic Japanese school bag shape, and the essence of both brands is studded into this unique item. It combines classic and fashionable with beautiful material to create a balanced ambiance. This bag is available in two colors: basic black and beautiful red. Key features include: Back side panel mesh, the reflector, a crime prevention buzzer to be attached to the left side and rain cover for all weather conditions. We special offer an engraving service free of charge to add the perfect personal touch to your gift. While keeping the cool design in casual, it makes kids active and enjoyable when going to and from school.

We will start taking pre-order at RAMIDUS dedicated website from Saturday, October 3, RAMIDUS OSAKA STORE from Saturday, September 5 to Sunday, September 13 and RAMIDUS TOKYO STORE from Wednesday, September 16 to Friday, October 2.
Enjoy special new collaboration "RANSEL" that you can only get here.

fragment design × RAMIDUS "RANSEL"
Price:85,800 yen(included tax)
Delivery date: February 2021

※This product is suitable for child of entrance to school in 2021. it is limited in quantity. Please do not miss the chance of your purchase!
※This product do not offer international shipping.