From the Ramidus standard series "BLACK BEAUTY", the VARSITY JACKET, which incorporates the fabric and specifications of the bag collection, will be released as an item for sale at the beginning of 2023.
The body is made of BLACK BEAUTY fabric, which expresses a deep and beautiful black that seems to be breathed in, and the sleeves are made of cowhide, which is characterized by its high-quality and beautiful texture. The tag, parts, and interior fabric are all black. 1st place. The lining is diamond quilted with batting from the body to the lining of the sleeves, giving warmth and elegance that are essential for the winter season. The right sleeve is casually decorated with a bag collection specification, the cutback of the clover and the engraved logo name.
Please enjoy the world view of BLACK BEAUTY that continues to evolve like the bag collection.
This collection will be on sale at RAMIDUS ONLINE from January 1, 2023 (Sun) and at RAMIDUS TOKYO STORE from January 3 (Tue).