Helinox × RAMIDUS

This is the first release of 4 styles in a series of collaboration projects with Helinox, a company that is highly regarded for its comfort, light weight, compactness, quality, and high technology in outdoor gear.
Based on the concept of "providing easy to use and thoughtful storage" as the bag brand Ramidus, we focused on the use of pockets based on the standard models developed by Helinox. The combination of a "Sasamachi" pocket, which is not found in the inline model, and highly visible mesh material sublimates it to a more practical specification. The stuff sack (storage bag) is designed to be attached to the main body, and is a typical Ramidus approach of providing easy to use and thoughtful storage in every detail. The reflector brand names and the paracord, which has been carefully tested for touch and luminescence, have been created for this collaboration filled with the commitment of both brands. In addition to this collaboration, Ramidus has produced two types of bags titled "Bag for Helinox" which are designed to carry Helinox gear comfortably. These are not collaboration items but they will be sold on the Helinox side as well.
This collection will be available at RAMIDUS TOKYO STORE, RAMIDUS OSAKA STORE and RAMIDUS ONLINE from August 6th (Fri), 2021. The collection will also be available at RAMIDUS stores nationwide from the same day.