Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

RAMIDUS Inc. (hereinafter collectively referred to as "the Company") recognizes the importance of protecting personal information, and has established the following privacy policy, which is thoroughly communicated to all employees.

1.Compliance with laws and regulations
The Company will comply with the laws and guidelines related to the protection of personal information, as well as this Privacy Policy.

2.Definition of personal information
The term "personal information" shall mean any information that includes a date of birth or other description that can be used to identify a specific individual (including information that can be easily cross-checked with other information to thereby identify a specific individual) or a personal identification code.

3.Collection of Personal Information
The Campany may collect your personal information in the following cases
Purchase of products
Registration for membership services
Signing up to receive our email newsletter
Other cases in which the provision of personal information enables us to provide services that better meet the needs of our customers.

The Campany may collect the following personal information
Address and postal code
Telephone number
E-mail address
Shipping address information
Order history and its contents
Other information essential to the provision of services

4.Purpose of use of personal information
To ship products for sale
To bill for products
To confirm the contents of inquiries and to reply to them
To inform you of our campaigns, products, and services
To use the information when it is necessary for the operation of the site

5. safety measures
The Campany will strictly manage your personal information and take safety measures to prevent loss, damage, leakage, and unauthorized access.

6. disclosure and provision of personal information to third parties
The Company shall appropriately manage personal information received from customers and shall not disclose personal information to any third party, except in the following cases.
When the customer has given consent
When the information is used by a subcontractor only to the extent necessary for business
When disclosure is required by law

7. Procedures for responding to requests for disclosure, correction, suspension of use, etc.
The Company will promptly respond to any personal information in our possession to the extent reasonable.

8. Cookies
The Company may acquire information through cookies in order for users to use the Service more conveniently. The information in cookies is not intended to identify the personal information of users. In addition, the use of cookies can be rejected by setting the user's browser.

9.Changes to this Privacy Policy
The Company may change this Privacy Policy from time to time. If we do, we will announce the changes on this page.

Date of enactment:October 18, 2019
Date of last revision:March 10, 2021