FRESHTHINGS develops products with a playful stance that goes beyond the framework of a yo-yo. This time, the third collaboration with RAMIDUS, a collection inspired by the double-sided "back" trick card "DOUBLE BACK" used by magicians will appear.
As per the theme of DOUBLE BACK, this product is composed of two tone specifications of gray and navy.It is a tote bag that can use gray and navy depending on the coordination just by flipping it, and a playing card case with a hidden pocket.It has been well received with each release. A lineup of 3 types of yo-yo pouches that come with yo-yos designed by Ramidus.
Please enjoy the collection that combines the playfulness of FRESHTHINGS professionals with the functionality provided by RAMIDUS.

TOTE BAG ¥12,100
All tax included

This collection is now on sale at the FRESHTHINGS online store.

*This product is not sold at any RAMIDUS store.
Please contact FRESHTHINGS™ for inquiries.

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