In the BLACK BEAUTY LIGHT series, which released its first collection in the 2022 SS season, 4 new models with minimal designs that functionally mix two types of uses will appear.
Like the BLACK BEAUTY series, the main body is made of polyester material that has a matte texture and does not easily wrinkle, and we have pursued new design possibilities by eliminating the cotton bonding that is synonymous with the predecessor brand. In order to keep the weight as low as possible and make it possible to achieve excellent durability while being lightweight, it is composed of a single basic layer except for the reinforced parts for the capacity. This is a lightweight collection that has been realized by reviewing the sewing and specifications based on our experience as a bag brand while minimizing waste as much as possible.
This collection will be on sale at RAMIDUS TOKYO STORE and RAMIDUS ONLINE from Saturday, February 25, 2023. Also, from the same day, it will be on sale at stores that carry RAMIDUS.